Celebrate Summer with our Ice Cream Float Experience!

Find a Hybrid Event to Fit Your Needs

Find a Hybrid Event
to Fit Your Unique Needs

Virtual party ideas

At Unboxed Experiences, we believe modern, hybrid virtual offices can be just as connected as anywhere else.

We have decades of combined experience in event planning and event production both in the physical world and digital office space running tours, team building events and more.

Our new Hybrid Events now bring all of our unforgettable, hands-on Experiences to your office space. Gather your team in the office, virtual space or both for our industry-leading, hands-on entertainment. Your team will enjoy our Experiences together as a group—no matter where they are. Let us sort out the logistics for you!

Choose Your Event

Our Unforgettable Virtual Experiences Can Be Enjoyed in a Hybrid Setting

An experienced Live Event Host leads your group on a gastronomic journey to discover delectable craft beer and gourmet cheese pairings.

Great For: Team Building, Meeting Entertainment

Get your team moving with this ice cream crafting event! Every guest learns to craft handmade ice cream before building decadent ice cream floats.

Great For: Team Building, Meeting Entertainment

Go on a guided tasting of teas from around the world. Your group is also led on goal-focused meditation exercises by an experienced Live Event Host.

Great For: Team Building, Employee Rewards

Customize Your Hybrid Event

Our Hybrid Events are designed to fit the unique needs of every individual organization. We know the office space doesn’t look quite like it used to, and we’re here to help you build the best Experiences for your team. Our Live Event Planners will work with you on customizable boxes, shipping needs and any other logistics questions you may have. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about new Experiences when they’re available, and how we can put together unforgettable hybrid events for your team.