February is Chocolate Month – Book our NEW Chocolate Fondue Experience!

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The Chocolate Fondue Experience

Our most chocolately event! Your guests will first enjoy a guided tasting from three award winning chocolate makers, learning about their unique flavors, textures and origins. Then it’s time to get dipping as participants create their own delectable chocolate fondue, as they devise all things they can cover in chocolatey goodness.

$90 and Up
Our signature Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience is our most popular virtual event.
“It was amazing! Very fun. Ethan was exceptional. ”
– Philips
$115 and Up
Take a trip to a virtual vineyard with the Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience.
“We just had an awesome event with your team. ”
– Deloitte
$115 and Up
Sculpt a stunning centerpiece with your guests during the Charcuterie Board Experience.
“The event was flawless, and Tim did an amazing job.”
– Twitter
$50 and Up
This endlessly fun Experience promises to deliver unmatched energy to your virtual event!
“Our event was exceptional from start to finish!”
– Cybereason
$45 and Up
Refocus and re-energize your group with Unboxed Experience’s Tea & Mindfulness Experience.
“The team had a blast, with our highest turnout yet for a virtual event”
– Oracle
$95 and Up
The Spring Fling virtual experience offers a blend of traditional beer and cheese pairings with a unique Spring twist.
"The experience is further enriched by the opportunity to plant their own flower."
– Vectorworks

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