Celebrate Summer with our Ice Cream Float Experience!


Ice Cream Float Experience

Event Type


In The Box

Ice Cream Kit

Event Size

5-500 People


30 Minutes

Starting At

$65 per Guest

About the Experience

Treat your team or client to the coolest virtual experience you can find! This 30-minute virtual party teaches you and your guests how to make ice cream at home before you sculpt ice cream floats to your delight.

During this fun virtual experience, guests will make their own “ice cream in-a-bag” before they move onto making ice cream floats. Unboxed Experiences will deliver ice cream float kits to you and your guests. One of our energetic hosts will have your team up and moving their feet with awesome tunes!

Craft Your Own Ice Cream

Learn the art of making ice cream without any fancy equipment! Our float kits include ingredients and supplies to make vanilla or flavored ice cream using just a couple zip-top bags. Your event host will guide you and your guests through the process step by step.

Make it Into a Float

After everyone has made their ice cream, it’s time to choose a craft soda and build your float! There are several flavors to choose from: root beer, orange or cherry. Go bananas building out your own flavor combinations or stick to the tried and true American classic, the root beer float with vanilla ice cream.

Fully Interactive

Every Ice Cream Float Experience is live and fully interactive. One of our live event hosts will be on the Zoom with you from start to finish as you learn to make (and shake) your ice cream. This unique experience includes an ice cream breaker (get it?), an optional trivia game, as well as a playlist of upbeat songs to shake your ice cream to.

Ice Cream Float Experience

Box Customizations

We offer several tiers of Ice Cream Float Experience boxes. The base experience includes 2 sodas and ingredients for vanilla ice cream. Take your event to the next level with extra ice cream flavorings, cherry soda or a reusable straw, or customize your kits with branded glassware, notecards and more!

Send our team an inquiry to start planning your unforgettable Unboxed Experience!

Inside the Box

The Ice Cream Float Experience delivers the necessary ingredients to make delicious, hand-crafted ice cream right at home! No additional equipment or previous experience is required. Every guest will get a kit delivered to their door that includes all the essentials for an ice cream float. Ice Cream Float Experience kits include shelf stable milk, sugar, vanilla flavoring, rock salt, zip-top bags, a towel and a color changing spoon.

Several add-ons are available for a nominal fee, such as a reusable metal straw, more flavoring options, additional sodas and custom glassware.


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Allison W
Allison W
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“We had a fantastic time! It was great to have the cheese and other items for those who don’t drink. Tim was a great host and super knowledgeable about the beer and pairings.”.
Jen L
Jen L
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“Everyone had a great time and Mike was very engaging and fun. Thank you again for all your help!”
Ilana G
Ilana G
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“Our experience was great—Audrey was super fun and a great moderator. The hour flew by and I’ll definitely keep you in mind as we plan future events.”

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