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Tea & Mindfulness Experience from Unboxed Experiences

Start Building a Virtual Wellness Routine for Your Team Today

After a long week of cold calls, closed sales and client outreach, your team deserves some much needed rest. We get it. Unboxed Experiences has unmatched knowledge in crafting wellness events for virtual teams. Connect with us today to learn how we can help your team regroup for the tasks ahead.

Tea & Mindfulness Experience from Unboxed Experiences
Tea & Mindfulness virtual wellness event

At Unboxed Experiences, we believe virtual offices can be just as connected as anywhere else. Our services are designed by experienced event planners to keep your team engaged, refreshed and excited to interact with each other.

How Does It Work?

Interactive Elements

All of our Experiences feature hands-on elements, such tea brewing mugs, delicious treats and customizable swag. Every participant will receive an Experience Kit prior to the day of your event.

Mindfulness Exercises

The Virtual Wellness Events at Unboxed Experiences feature goal-focused meditation exercises led by experienced Live Event Hosts. Also enjoy a mindful tasting session that engages all 5 senses.

Fully Customizable

Do you want to include personalized messages or company-branded items in your event? We can do that! Our team will coordinate with you to build out a custom box that fits the needs of your organization.

We Help Virtual Teams Exceed Their Organizational Wellness Goals

As a fully remote organization, Unboxed Experiences keenly understands the challenges of keeping your virtual team healthy—both physically and mentally. Our products are designed to meet the challenges of the new workspace so your organization can continue to succeed. We know that just because you all don’t work in the same building, that doesn’t mean you can’t get together to have a good time. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about new products when they’re available, and how we can put together unforgettable virtual events for your team.