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Team Building Events With Alcohol

Team building events with alcohol

Drink Up These 18 Fun Team Building Events

Explore these exciting team building events with alcohol to enhance camaraderie and productivity in your virtual workplace. From wine tasting to cocktail making, we present a range of creative ideas that promote teamwork, laughter, and connection. 

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In today’s virtual work environment, maintaining strong relationships and fostering effective collaboration among team members can be challenging. However, incorporating team building events with alcohol can inject a dose of fun and excitement into your remote work routine. 

These activities provide an opportunity to unwind, engage in shared experiences, and strengthen bonds while enjoying a well-deserved drink. In this listicle, we present 18 engaging team building events with alcohol that will inspire creativity, boost morale, and create lasting memories for your virtual team.

Team Building Events With Alcohol

1. Virtual Mixology Class

Learn the art of crafting delicious cocktails in a virtual mixology class. Expert mixologists will guide your team through the process, teaching essential techniques and sharing unique recipes. Raise a glass together as you experiment with different flavors, bond over shared successes, and laugh at the occasional mixology mishap.

Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience - Photo by Unboxed Experiences
Whisk your team away to a virtual vineyard tasting room with the Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience.

2. Wine Tasting

Embark on a journey through vineyards without leaving your home. Host a virtual wine tasting where your team explores different varietals, learns about tasting notes, and discusses their preferences. Unboxed Experiences offers a Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience, combining the best of wine and cheese to create an enjoyable and educational event for your team.

3. Virtual Trivia Night

Challenge your team’s knowledge with a virtual trivia night. Create customized trivia questions related to your industry, company, or fun pop culture topics. Allow participants to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverages as they compete for bragging rights and show off their expertise.

4. Cocktail Making Competition

Spice up your team building event with a friendly cocktail making competition. Split your team into groups and have them design and present their signature cocktail creations. Encourage creativity, teamwork, and healthy competition as each group showcases their mixology skills.

The Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience offers a virtual team building event that's an alternative to wine tasting and mixing cocktails.

5. Beer Tasting

Discover the world of craft beer with a virtual beer tasting. Sample a variety of brews, discuss their flavors and origins, and learn about the brewing process. For a unique experience, try Unboxed Experiences’ Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience, where you can savor the perfect combination of flavorful beers and delicious cheeses.

6. Virtual Beer Olympics

Get your team’s competitive spirit going with a virtual Beer Olympics. Set up a series of entertaining challenges that require coordination, skill, and a sense of humor. From beer pong to virtual stein-holding contests, let the games begin and enjoy some lighthearted team bonding.

7. Whiskey Tasting

For the whiskey enthusiasts on your team, a virtual whiskey tasting is a perfect choice. Sample different whiskey varieties, learn about their distinct characteristics, and discuss the art of whiskey appreciation.

Oktoberfest Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience
Virtual happy hours are a great way to bring remote co-workers together in a relaxed and enriching environment.

8. Virtual Happy Hour

Spend some quality time bonding with your team during a virtual happy hour. Create a relaxed atmosphere where team members can catch up, share stories, and unwind together over their preferred beverages. It’s a fantastic opportunity for casual conversations and fostering camaraderie.

Pro-tip: Want to throw a virtual happy hour, but don’t know where to start? Unboxed Experiences can help you! From seasonal beer and cheese pairings to an unforgettable wine tasting course, Unboxed Experiences can help you find the right virtual happy hour for your team. Reach out to one of our planners today to get started with your very own, personalized virtual happy hour.

9. Mix and Mingle Cocktail Party

Organize a virtual mix and mingle cocktail party where team members can socialize in a relaxed setting. Create breakout rooms for smaller group conversations and encourage participants to showcase their mixology skills by sharing their favorite cocktail recipes. This event allows your team to connect on a personal level and build stronger relationships.

10. Margarita Madness

Transport your team to a virtual beach with a Margarita Madness event. Send out margarita kits to your team members, complete with different flavors and garnishes. Then, gather online and follow a mixologist’s instructions to create various margarita concoctions. Don’t forget to add some tropical-themed trivia or a virtual limbo competition for added fun.

11. Beer Trivia Night

Put your team’s beer knowledge to the test with a virtual beer trivia night. Prepare a series of beer-related questions covering topics such as brewing techniques, beer styles, and famous breweries. Encourage friendly competition and offer beer-related prizes for the winners. This event is not only informative but also a great way to bond over shared love for the world of beer.

12. Virtual Beer Tasting Game

Turn a beer tasting into an interactive game that engages your team’s senses and knowledge. Before the event, provide each team member with a selection of different beers, keeping the labels hidden. During the tasting, have participants describe the flavors, aromas, and characteristics of each beer while trying to guess the style or brand. Award points for accurate descriptions and guesses, and crown the “Beer Connoisseur” of the virtual tasting game.

13. Virtual Vineyard Tour

Transport your team to renowned vineyards around the world with a virtual vineyard tour. Partner with a winery to arrange a live virtual tour where team members can explore the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and interact with winemakers. Experience the beauty of the vineyards and gain insights into the world of wine, all from the comfort of your own homes.

14. Virtual Wine Pairing Dinner

Host a virtual wine pairing dinner where team members can enjoy a delicious meal alongside perfectly matched wines. Prior to the event, provide a suggested menu and wine pairing recommendations. During the dinner, encourage participants to discuss the flavors and how they complement each other. This elegant and educational event creates an opportunity for your team to savor delectable cuisine and deepen their appreciation for wine.

15. Distillery Tour

Take your team on a virtual tour of a distillery. Explore the fascinating world of spirits, learn about the distillation process, and discover the stories behind different brands. Engage in interactive discussions and encourage team members to share their favorite spirits and cocktail recipes.

Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience - Photo by Unboxed Experiences
Unboxed Experiences' Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience combines the elegance of wine with the indulgence of artisanal cheeses.

16. Virtual Wine and Cheese Pairing

Unboxed Experiences’ Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience combines the elegance of wine with the indulgence of artisanal cheeses. Led by wine experts, this virtual event takes your team on a delightful journey through perfectly paired wine and cheese combinations. Uncover the nuances of flavors and textures while fostering a sense of togetherness among your remote team.

17. Pub Quiz Night

Bring the traditional pub quiz experience to your virtual team with a lively quiz night. Test your team’s knowledge across various categories and offer bonus points for correct answers delivered with creativity or humor. Encourage friendly banter and create a leaderboard to add excitement to the event.

18. Virtual Cocktail Party with a Twist

Put your team’s beer knowledge to the test with a virtual beer trivia night. Prepare a series of beer-related questions covering topics such as brewing techniques, beer styles, and famous breweries. Encourage friendly competition and offer beer-related prizes for the winners. This event is not only informative but also a great way to bond over shared love for the world of beer.


Team building events with alcohol offer a refreshing way to connect, engage, and have fun with your virtual team.

From virtual mixology classes to wine tastings and themed cocktail parties, these activities inject energy and camaraderie into remote work environments. Unboxed Experiences offers a range of virtual team building experiences, including our Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience and Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience, designed to enhance collaboration and create memorable moments for your team.

Embrace the power of virtual team building with alcohol and watch as your team’s morale and productivity soar to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I ensure everyone enjoys the team building events with alcohol responsibly?
A: While alcohol can enhance the fun and social aspect of team building, it’s important to prioritize responsible consumption. Encourage team members to drink in moderation and provide non-alcoholic alternatives for those who prefer not to drink. Set clear guidelines and remind everyone to drink responsibly and be mindful of their limits.

Q: Can virtual team building events with alcohol be as effective as in-person events?
A: Absolutely! Virtual team building events with alcohol can be just as engaging and effective in fostering team connections. With the right planning, interactive activities, and opportunities for meaningful conversations, remote team building events can create a sense of camaraderie and unity, even from a distance.

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